Advocating for the Public Policy Interests of Young Americans

When I got my first job in the United States House of Representatives in 2004, I was overcome with excitement at the prospect of being part of something bigger than myself, and participating in something I knew would touch the lives of millions. Although the Congressman I happened to work for was nothing short of extraordinary, within six months I found myself bitter and jaded by the endless partisan squabbling and inability of anyone to accomplish anything in a system built on partisan division. It wasn’t simply disheartening – it sickened me to the core of my being, and made me question whether our democracy was irreparably broken. Since then, the gridlock has only gotten worse.

That’s why I started the American Millennials project (later renamed "Perfect Republic"). I believe our nation both needs and deserves an independent voice that puts the best interests of America before the best interests of either political party. That’s why from this moment forth, Perfect Republic will be advocating for the public policy interests of young Americans, as well as that of future generations. We will not bow to criticism from the left, or the right, and will simply support the laws our nation needs to thrive in the 21st century, independent of partisan ideology or influence.

While I may be starting this journey as one man, standing alone against a broken and corrupt political system, I believe that if enough of us stand together, we can and will fix the partisan sickness that has taken over our country. Join Perfect Republic today, and let’s save America together. There a number of ways you can help! Click here to get started!

Originally published on on October 20, 2014. Minor edits were made when this page was transferred to in 2020.

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