BREAKING NEWS: Congress Actually Accomplished Something!

No, this isn't an Onion article. No, we're not kidding. Congress actually achieved something!!!

The House of Representatives successfully passed a long-term solution to the “doc fix” problem on Thursday, which is something they've kicked down the road no less than 17 times since 2002.  While this news is certainly going to be celebrated by doctors across the country, the passage of the "doc fix" legislation is something that really deserves to be celebrated by every American, simply for representing a truly rare moment of cooperation by our legislators.

Representatives John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi could learn a lot from this moment. After all, with Congress' job approval rating hovering around 22 percent, and 7 out of 10 Americans disapproving of the job they're doing, Thursday's passage of the "doc fix" problem marks the first time in months that our legislators have arguably gotten something right.

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In all fairness, it's easy to understand how our Congressional leaders have lost touch with the American people. Between the carefully crafted partisan narratives pushed everyday on cable news, coupled with the influence of lobbyists and high-value donors, it can be all-too-easy for those stuck in the Beltway Bubble to lose touch with the priorities of the vast majority of Americans who can't afford the same level of access. Consequently, the radically partisan nature of modern-American politics has replaced our focus on intelligent discourse with a team-based mentality designed to discourage opposing viewpoints.

Were our Congressional leaders to consider the applause they're currently receiving from both sides of the aisle for passing "doc fix" legislation, they'd realize that the American people genuinely appreciate when our legislators work together to get things done. It's that simple: While we all have our individual political leanings, the partisan gridlock that's so often prioritized by our Congressional leaders is the central reason why the American people no longer trust or respect the very people we've hired to represent us.

While recognizing and acknowledging the scope of the problem is the first step to fixing it, the unfortunate reality is that if history has proven anything, it's that political fundraising and radical partisanship go hand and hand. Consequently, the possibility of our Congressional Leaders learning from this moment is doubtful, given that for that to happen, it would require politicians on both sides of the aisle to put the interests of the American people before their own individual interests in filling their campaign coffers.

So... don't hold your breath.

Note: This post was originally published on on April 21, 2015.

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