Get Ready For The Party We've All Been Waiting For!

With Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Report now public (available here), it has become abundantly clear the President Trump is unfit for office and needs to be impeached.  Despite the President's oft-repeated claim that the Report had found "No collusion" and "No obstruction," the reality is that the 448 page report is one of the most damning inditement of a President in our nation's history.

With each passing day there appears to be a growing choir of voices calling for impeachment, and not just among Democrats.  On April 23rd, former Trump staffer J. W. Verret called for the President's impeachment, and two days later Fox News' senior judicial analyst voiced his opinion that president had obstructed justice with ‘unlawful’ behavior related to the Russia inquiry.

Under normal circumstances, the impeachment of an American President wouldn't be something to celebrate.  However, these are not normal circumstances.  To millions of Americans, the impeachment of President Trump will mark the end of a national nightmare. It will be seen as the first step on the path to redeeming and rebuilding our great nation's standing in the world. It will remembered as the day America remembered what truly makes us great. It will be one of the greatest days in American history.

When that moment comes, we believe it should be celebrated, and bigly so.

We believe this moment will be worthy of the biggest celebration since the end of World War II. A party of epic proportions, not simply from sea to shining sea, but across the face of the globe. People celebrating at home, in the streets, in the parks, in all the places. Fireworks and ticker-tape parades held in main streets everywhere.

If you are reading these words, and you dig this idea, then join us in making it happen. How you may ask?


Assume the impeachment of Donald Trump will happen.

Now imagine how you'd like to celebrate the moment that America got its groove back. Imagine what that moment would look like, for you, in its most perfect manifestation. Who would you want to experience that moment with? Where would you want to celebrate it? How would you want to celebrate it?

Then, start preparing for that moment.  Talk to the people you want to share that moment with, and come up with an agreed upon game plan as to what you'll do to celebrate that moment, when that moment comes.  Obtain and prep the outfit you want to wear when that moment comes.  Get ready for that moment in all the ways you need to in order to craft the most perfect version of that moment for you.

If you want some inspiration in this department, you can always turn to our idea board!

For the moment, that's all you need to do, because all we can do is prepare for that moment.  It's Congress' job to make that moment happen.

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