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How Hillary Can Win

On Sunday evening, Hillary Clinton declared her candidacy for President of the United States, setting the stage for a historic campaign that many believe will culminate in American having its first Madam President. And while many within the Democratic Party assume she’s a shoe-in for the party’s nomination, it’s important to remember that many people presumed the same thing back in 2008. Then Barack Obama happened. The fact is, the Presidency of Hillary Clinton is not a sure thing, and she’s sure to face an uphill battle if she wants to become the next President. Of course, in a number of ways Hillary is the perfect candidate: She’s got the brains, the name recognition, a massive following, and a husband...

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Did Cheney Just Admit to Violating the UN Convention Against Torture?

In his recent dispute of the contents of the Senate Torture Report, former Vice President Dick Cheney effectively admitted that both he and President Bush were guilty of violating the UN Convention Against Torture. Oddly enough, despite the fact that the report absolved the Bush Administration of a great deal of responsibility for the CIA’s actions by claiming that the White House had been mislead by the CIA, the former vice President disputed the report’s findings, stating, “The notion that the agency was operating on a rogue basis was just a flat out lie.” He went on to reject the allegation that his boss, President George W. Bush, was kept in the dark. “He was in fact an integral part...

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