The Art of Starting a Revolution

The Art of Starting a Revolution

In one of his recent YouTube videos, actor and activist Russell Brand eloquently pointed out that the vast majority of Americans don't approve of the way our politicians run things, and cited the need for a grassroots democratic revolution. Then, days later, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) made a similar suggestion on Real Time with Bill Maher, calling for an independent progressive movement as a democratic alternative to the two-party system. In a way, the Perfect Republic project (previously named "American Millennials") represents precisely the type of revolution that Russell Brand and Sen Bernie Sander's have been talking about.

Perfect Republic is a grassroots democratic revolution and an independent progressive movement rolled into one.  While other public policy groups such as Our Time and Generation Opportunity advocate for the general public policy interests of young Americans in their own respective ways, the goal behind Perfect Republic is to take things a step further.  We understand that the issues affecting young Americans aren't limited to student loans and increasing the minimum wage.  We recognize the reality that every area of public policy somehow touches on the interests of young Americans and future generations, from climate change to social security.

That's why the mission of the Perfect Republic project is to advocate for the public policy interests of young Americans, as well as future generations, independent of any partisan bias.  Our platform is designed to establish common-sense political positions, based on science, logic, and fact, and untainted by the influence of special interest groups or wealthy contributors.

To help us at this early stage, the most important thing you can do is like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!  However, if you believe can contribute to the movement in a more significant way, let us know!

Editorial Note: Russell Brand is not affiliated with American Millennials. Our use of his video and photo in this post has been to highlight and echo his recent statements regarding the need for a grassroots democratic revolution.

Note: This post was originally published on Small edits were made when the post was transferred to in 2020.

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