The Presidential Impeachment Party Collection

Under ordinary circumstances, an impeachment isn't something to celebrate. However, these are not ordinary circumstances. Between canoodling with ruthless dictators, turning his back on America's allies, showing support for white supremacists, and generally destroying the credibility and respect the United States earned across the face of the globe during the 20th century, many Americans can't wait for this national nightmare to end.

Consequently, patriotic citizens all across our great nation are quietly planning to celebrate President Trump's impeachment by throwing the most epic nationwide celebration since the end of World War II, known as the "Presidential Impeachment Party"!  If you're planning to host a house party, block party, pool party, etc. when President Trump is ultimately impeached, we encourage you to plan ahead and purchase some souvenir shirts to gift our to your family and friends on that special occasion.

Perfect Republic is proud to be the exclusive distributor of apparel for both Americans for Impeachment and The Presidential Impeachment Party.

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