We're on a quest to save the world, save our democracy, and a few other things... Want to help? It's easy! There are a number of different ways you can participate! Here's how:

Option 1. SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow Perfect Republic on all your social media networks.

  • Click here to find Perfect Republic on YouTube. Then hit "Subscribe". Then click on the little bell icon. Then, if you have the time, click on the various videos we have posted, hit the little thumbs up and write a short comment on each one. Share your thoughts. Oh, and if you really liked a video, share it. That's really, really helpful.
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Option 2. FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Peter would really like to quit his day job so he can fully dedicate himself to producing Perfect Republic as his full-time job. If you'd like to help me make that happen, please make a contribution to one of the following funds.

  • THE "WORK HARD FUND": If you want to support "Perfect Republic" channel in their mission to make a show about saving the world, saving our democracy and a few other things, click here to make a contribution to Perfect Republic.
  • BITCOIN: If you'd like to support Perfect Republic via BitCoin, please reach out to us via our "Contact Us" page, and let us know!  

Option 3. THE REGISTRY: If you want to support Perfect Republic's mission, but would like to help with something specific, we have a gift registry. If we need something, we'll throw it on the registry and if you're down to help us out by hooking us up with that one thing, thank you in advance!

Option 4. GIFT CARDS: If you want to support Perfect Republic via gift card, that's just as appreciated! Here's a list of the gift cards that would be useful to us in doing what we do. Alternatively, if you have a gift card you'd like to contribute by mail, you can send gift cards to: Perfect Republic, LLC, 10221 River Rd #61403, Potomac, MD 20854

Option 5. THE STORE: If you want to show your support for Perfect Republic wherever you go, check out the Perfect Republic store

Option 6. PRAYER: If you want to support Perfect Republic, but money is tight, then we ask that you pray for our success and/or meditate on our success. If you do, we'd like to thank you in advance, as we really appreciate every positive vibe sent our way!

Option 7. PAID SPONSORSHIPS: If you'd like Peter to advertise your company's product or service in one or more episodes of Perfect Republic, please don't hesitate to reach out to us with an offer! The only caveat is that Peter will only advertise products or services that align with Perfect Republic's core values. In other words, please know ahead of time that Peter won't advertise products or services that are environmentally harmful, use animal products grown on factory farms or are produced via questionable sources of labor.

Option 8. DANCE MONKEY DANCE: Peter is desperate to get this show off the ground. So desperate, in fact, he's willing to do just about anything and everything to entertain you. If you'd like to see Peter do something specific for your entertainment, please don't hesitate to reach out with an offer! (NOTE: Please note that any requests must be film-able from home since Peter lives with someone classified as high-risk for COVID-19).