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The Art of Starting a Revolution

In one of his recent YouTube videos, actor and activist Russell Brand eloquently pointed out that the vast majority of Americans don't approve of the way our politicians run things, and cited the need for a grassroots democratic revolution. Then, days later, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) made a similar suggestion on Real Time with Bill Maher, calling for an independent progressive movement as a democratic alternative to the two-party system. In a way, the Perfect Republic project (previously named "American Millennials") represents precisely the type of revolution that Russell Brand and Sen Bernie Sander's have been talking about. Perfect Republic is a grassroots democratic revolution and an independent progressive movement rolled into one.  While other public policy groups such as Our Time and Generation Opportunity advocate for the general public policy interests of...

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Advocating for the Public Policy Interests of Young Americans

When I got my first job in the United States House of Representatives in 2004, I was overcome with excitement at the prospect of being part of something bigger than myself, and participating in something I knew would touch the lives of millions. Although the Congressman I happened to work for was nothing short of extraordinary, within six months I found myself bitter and jaded by the endless partisan squabbling and inability of anyone to accomplish anything in a system built on partisan division. It wasn’t simply disheartening – it sickened me to the core of my being, and made me question whether our democracy was irreparably broken. Since then, the gridlock has only gotten worse. That’s why I started the American...

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